Welcome to Erudite Fantasy Baseball. This blog is intended for all levels of fantasy baseball, including the redraft, keeper, and dynasty leagues. I hope that I can pass along my knowledge in fantasy baseball and any analysis on current events around the league.

What I hope to provide on this blog is a location for news and changes in baseball that would be important to those playing fantasy baseball. I frequently find myself going through my favorite baseball website links looking for stories that might affect my fantasy baseball team. My hope is that we can provide quality analysis of the baseball world by integrating news, sabermetrics, managerial decisions, and all the other factors that might affect your fantasy basball team.  I hope to avoid silly articles such as bold predictions and on abundance of rankings like a lot of other sites may post.  The fantasy baseball writing community has plenty of that.

Above all I enjoy talking about Fantasy baseball. Please feel free to discuss or argue with me on any of my opinions.  If you are interested in contributing, feel free to go through the Contact form on here.  We are always looking to improve the content and level of knowledge of our blog.



  1. Wright Hilsman · · Reply


    I work in Data Visualization and was wondering if you needed any help creating those items for your blog! Can provide work examples etc etc. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Love all things baseball and have always wanted to start something like this but for sure don’t have the time to fully commit.

    Look forward to your response.

    Wright Hilsman


    1. Sounds interesting. Yeah shoot me any example to eruditefantasybaseball at gmail dot com. I am also just doing this as time allows.


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