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Hard Hit % Jumps in May

It’s never easy to figure out which ways to slice and dice baseball data to find valuable information.  There’s an infinite number of ways and sample size is always a concern.  But if we wait long enough to know we’ve got a large enough sample then you’ve likely already missed the boat in your fantasy […]

Hot Hitters In The Last 30 Days By wOBA

Any 30 day sample of the baseball season will have a good amount of variation. The only thing, I believe, that doesn’t vary is Mike Trout being the best.  That remains a constant no matter how you slice and dice numbers.  Let’s take a look at a few of the big jumps in numbers over […]

Checking In With Maikel Franco

Yesterday I looked into Rougned Odor‘s disappointing numbers this year and concluded that there was nothing particularly wrong with him and that going forward we should see positive regression back to the numbers we are used to.  Today I am going to go through a similar evaluation of Maikel Franco, who is sitting on a […]

Why Has Rougned Odor Been So Foul?

I own Rougned Odor in multiple leagues and so far I have been left with a fairly disappointing second basemen.  He hit two home runs in the first game of the season but since then has not been all that exciting.  As a guy who hit 33 home runs with a .271 batting average in […]

Cahill, Karns, and Morton

One thing I like to do one a semi-regular basis is check the pitching leaderboards on FanGraphs.  I like to check two stats in particular; Swinging Strike % and Groundball %.  Both of these are obviously good for pitchers, but often times the best pitchers in baseball will be found in the top 30 in […]

Last Call for Mitch Haniger

Mitch Haniger is awesome.  We should all know this by now.  I’m sure most of you do know his story of having a couple big breakout years in the minors and now in 2017 he put up an excellent 3 weeks of stats to start the year.  Then he went down with an oblique injury which […]

Aaron Judge, How Much Regression?

Aaron Judge has been the 5th best fantasy bat thus far in the season (according to ESPN’s player rater).  His 5×5 line currently is 28/13/28/1/.317, which is a huge improvement from last year’s cup of coffee where he struck out 42 times in 27 games while hitting for a .179 batting average.  The fantasy community […]