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Rougned Odor and the Shift

I recently wrote about Rougned Odor and why he’s been riding such a low batting average this year.  I came away with the opinion that since nothing apparently has changed in his game that he’s going to come around soon enough.  I dug into his batted ball profile, his plate discipline, and hit Statcast data […]

Aaron Judge, How Much Regression?

Aaron Judge has been the 5th best fantasy bat thus far in the season (according to ESPN’s player rater).  His 5×5 line currently is 28/13/28/1/.317, which is a huge improvement from last year’s cup of coffee where he struck out 42 times in 27 games while hitting for a .179 batting average.  The fantasy community […]

Jedd Gyorko Looks For Real

Jedd Gyorko has been the 19th best hitter by xwOBA according to Statcast.  That pretty much sums up what you need to know.  His second half in 2016 was amazing and not easy to understand.  He hit 23 home runs but only 6 doubles.  I, personally, just assumed this must have been some odd streak […]

How to use Statcast for Fantasy

Those of you who read FanGraphs, CBS, or writers like Mike Petriello or Tom Tango regularly have heard a lot about Statcast for the past year or two.  It has exploded in that time as MLB has made more and more data available to the internet.  Much of this data has been available to teams […]

What’s Charlie Morton Up To?

We heard a lot about Charlie Morton in spring training.  Signed for 2 years and $14 million this past offseason with the Houston Astros, Morton has made some late career changes to his arsenal.  For much of his career he’s been a fairly average pitcher with a fastball that averages around 90-91, but in his […]

Keep Your Eye On Eddie Rosario

Eddie Rosario is 25 years old.  He’s had 2 partial seasons in the majors with the Twins; spending time in AAA, not because of injury, but for his development.  He’s always been known for having an array of tools and throughout the minors has flashed some interesting potential, hitting 20 home runs and stealing 20 […]

Which Underlying Stats Point to Fantasy Success

All the sabermetrically-minded fantasy players out there frequently visit the FanGraphs pages.  I do many many time a day.  It has proven very effective for me to track the underlying stats on players to help identify potential breakouts, when a player is hitting the ball hard but is having bad luck, or substantiating the real […]